Hello Edinburgh!

blank-792125_960_720We did it! We moved to Edinburgh! We drove, our possessions packed into a van that was slightly too small and my car and, with London in our rear-view mirrors, drove up the west coast of the UK, cut across along the border and arrived safely in Edinburgh!

Time for a little back story.

Back in September, Kate was offered the opportunity to transfer to the Edinburgh office of the business she works. She was all up for it, but I was unsure. We talked about it, her full of excitement, myself full of fear and doubt. While Kate had moved country to country, from big city to big city before, I had stayed in London all my life. Granted, I did move to Canterbury for 4 years for my university degrees, but I had moved back to London for work as that was where the majority of the jobs were. As I realised, this move was most likely due to me wanting to move back into my comfort zone as it was the place I was raised, I knew it and knew it well. Edinburgh, on the other hand, was a complete unknown and I am not a fan of the unknown.

Kate and I decided to visit Edinburgh to see what it was like. We planned a 4 day weekend, Kate would work on the Thursday and Friday from the Edinburgh office and I would explore both Edinburgh and Leith (the port town north-east of central Edinburgh that is now considered part of Edinburgh). It was on this four day weekend that I realised what a beautiful city Edinburgh was, it was rich with history, stories and breath-taking sights. And the air! My God the air in Edinburgh is the freshest air I have ever breathed!

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2017 New Years Resolution

blank-792125_960_720Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back on 2016 (not too hard! 2016 was definitely an… interesting year!) and taking that information, use that to look ahead! Think about what we wanted to achieve in 2016 and whether or not we succeeded or not, think about what we would like to accomplish in 2017.

Let’s start off by reviewing 2016’s Resolutions, shall we?

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Changing Jobs

blank-792125_960_720Come May, I will have had three different jobs in the space of 6 months.

An impressive statement, if it weren’t for the crap I have had to go through within those 6 months. Let me elaborate.

I was a Front End developer for a travel consultancy for 16 months, and it was great. Enjoyable work, pretty good benefits (their pension scheme was epic!) and the people were really nice. I enjoyed my time there, but after a while, on each project I was facing the same sort of problems. Not exactly the same, but similar problems. The problems were becoming monotonous, and me plus boredom? Doesn’t end well.

My fiancée, Kate, mentioned that there were some opportunities going at her place of work, the job was a Web Analyst. This was quite different to what I was currently doing. I would still code and stuff but I would also have to analyse data, make presentations, deal with clients, and the way they presented the job sounded great. I just thought, “Why not? I have nothing to lose, and if I don’t get it, I still have a job” so I said I was interested, she told her employers this and then they approached me after hearing about what skills I have.

I went through the process, two interviews, a test and a casual meet and greet with the current team and a few other people who would join the company at the same time as me. It was great, the job sounded interesting, the people were also nice and it was new, different, a new challenge and I thought I would get the variety that I was currently yearning.

I got the job. Hurray! Congratulations to me, right?

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