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VR (Virtual Reality) – Why it has me concerned.

When I say to someone “Virtual Reality”, people will think of the Vive, or the PS4 VR headset, or even the Oculus Rift! And people also think “video games” rather than anything else. We have all seen those YouTube videos … Continue reading

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Mars – Why does it not have life?

Ah, Mars. My favourite of the inner planets, because it is so close (astronomically speaking) but yet it is mostly a mystery to us, and it has such an interesting past. And this is exactly what we are going to … Continue reading

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What is the “Frost Line” of a Solar System?

A writer friend of mine asked if she could barrage me with astrophysics questions for a story she was writing. Of course, I said “fire away!” I will always help out a fellow writer! Her first question was “What is … Continue reading

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