My new blog!

24th November 2015 3 By Chris

Good day everyone and welcome to my blog!

This is just a quick first entry to give an introduction of what I want to use this blog for.

First and foremost, I am a writer so I will be talking about writing processes, my writing projects and progress updates and such. If I am lucky enough, I might even get to interview other writers, which would be very cool indeed! Plus, if I read a book/short story that I think is particularly good, I will more than likely write a review on it.

I am also a bit of a nerd, I studied Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics at university because I love anything to do with space! As such, I will be writing some blogs about cool space events (like Blood Moons, eclipses, meteor showers, stuff like that) and also informative stuff (like what is the “Frost Line” in our solar system… already intrigued right?). I will also probably nerd-out on new technologies that come out.

I am also a gamer. I grew up with 3 siblings and often the best way to keep us from annoying each other was to play video games! This mostly meant playing Sonic The Hedgehog co-op or helping one of us solo it. But as we grew older, we got more games. In recent years at Christmas time, you will find me and my siblings playing Mario Kart on my sister’s Wii and shouting obscenities that shock even us! But anyway, this means that if I play a game and I think it’s pretty darned good, I might just write a review on it! In addition to this, I have previously hosted charity events where either just myself or myself and one other, have played a video game for 24 hours straight to raise money for those less fortunate. I will be blogging about them a lot on the run up, so keep your eyes peeled!

I will also be blogging about my life. Not everyday sort of stuff (unless you guys ask for it, of course) but things like if I go on holiday and I wish to share a particular experience, I will write a blog on it.


Gosh, I said a “quick entry” and just look for how long I have waffled for. Expect more of that here!